Wednesday, March 05, 2014

How to: Drag and Drop Files to an Elevated Program [Field Notes]


I run Visual Studio as an Administrator, which is helpful, but also means that I can't drag & drop files / folders from Windows Explorer (since it's not elevated). That's a pain in the butt.

Thanks to a handy discussion on the HowToGeek site, I found the following tip.

[Caveat: this works on my machine, a work desktop using Windows 7.]
 To enable an elevated windows explorer:
  • Right-click on the task bar and select "Start Task Manager"

  •   In Task Manager, select File --> New Task (Run...)

  • You should see a note that this will be run using administrative privileges. 
  • Enter "explorer.exe" and hit enter.

You can now drag and drop files into other elevated windows with ease!


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