Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Web site fail of the day: Intel RST Community Forum

The Intel RST Community Forum is a tough club to get into!

First, I try to login and LastPass helpfully fills in my saved information which I've used previously.  However, it appears it no longer works:

No worry, I'll reset my password:

...just kidding. No e-mail ever arrives.

Maybe I forgot to create my account:

And the kicker: Maybe I'm getting my username wrong and I can have them e-mail it to me...

Not really sure what else I can legitimately do to try to get into this web site..

Bonus! I found out that the Intel & Intel Communities logins are different. OK, could have been my bad. I see the button the link the accounts:

I previously just created an intel account to get around this mess, so this seems like the perfect solution! I click "login with my Intel account" and...

...I give up. Intel is just trolling me at this point.

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