Monday, September 10, 2012

How to: Ensure LESS works with ASP.NET MVC and Continuous Integration [Field Notes]

  • I use LESS instead of CSS in my ASP.NET MVC app.
  • I would like it to actually work.

There are two steps (that I know of) to fixing this problem. The first is to make sure that your build package will actually output the LESS files in the first place; the second is to ensure that IIS can serve them.

Step 1: Ensuring that the Build Package outputs LESS files

  • In your solution, highlight all your LESS files
  • Right-click and select properties or look in the properties window.
  • Set the Build Action property to "Content". This will ensure that the raw content is outputted from those files during build instead of another build action.
  • Set the Copy to Output Directory property to "Copy Always". This ensures that your LESS files will actually make it into the package folder that MSBuild outputs.
Step 2: Ensuring that IIS can serve LESS files

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