Friday, November 18, 2011

Fix: Crystal Reports 2008: Database Links Happen Automatically and Cause Unnecessary Slow-down [Field Notes]

In Crysal Reports, whenever adding a table from an existing data source, or adding a new datasource, when I click "OK", Crystal automatically switches to the "Links" tab and auto-calculates links.

99% of the time this is something I don't want it to do.

Auto-linking can be turned off in Crystal's options with the Following Steps:

  1. From the File menu, select Options...
  2. Select the Database tab.
  3. Under the Advanced Options section, uncheck "Automatic Smart Linking."
  4. Feel your blood pressure drop to normal levels.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Fixed: Remote Desktop Connection Won't go to Full Screen [Field Notes]

In Windows 7, I am in a Remote Desktop Connection Full screen. I accidentally pop it down to "window" size (i.e. when it can be resized), but the window refuses to go back into Full Screen mode.

On the host machine (not the machine you're remoted into), press CTRL+ALT+Break (or CTRL+ALT+Pause for laptops that don't have a Break key).

On laptops, there may be an extra step. For example, on my laptop, this combination was CTRL+ALT+Fn+Insert (insert doubles as the Pause key on my machine, and Fn is the button to toggle the alternate meaning).

With the right combination of keys, this places Remote Desktop back into full-screen mode.