Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Fix: VirtualBox doesn't allow to re-name a registered drive and readd to a VM [Field Notes]

In VirtualBox, if you take the following steps:

  • Have HDD1.vdi and HDD2.vdi as storage
  • Remove HDD1.vdi (and delete it) 
  • Rename HDD2.vdi to HDD1.vdi
  • Attempt to add the (new) HDD1.vdi to the VM
You will receive an error along the lines of: 
Failed to open the hard disk [Path to your VDI file].
Cannot register the hard disk [Path to your VDI file] {[UUID of your new VDI file]} because a hard disk [Path to your VDI file] with UUID {[UUID of your old VDI file} already exists.
  • In VirtualBox, select File --> Virtual Media Manager.
  • Click the hard disk in question.
  • Click "Release" and then "Remove to remove from the media library.
You will now be able to add your renamed VDI file.

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